Vehicle Training

Training Courses Vehicle

We have a selection of vehicle training including car, 4×4’s and motorcycle as well as various levels including advanced and master courses. Courses 4 x 4 Off Road – Advanced Course. 4 x 4 Off Road – Master Course. Advanced

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Close Protection & Security Training

Training Courses Security

Gain high level skills and qualifications in a range of security criteria including Close Protection. Courses Close Protection Highfield accredited – Close Protection for Royal and diplomatic protection. Pre-read material along with 2 written assignments followed by theory and scenario

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Hostile Environment Training

Minerva NI Hostile Environment Training

As well as controlling your own decisions and choices, you may need to work as part of – or in leading – a team of specialists. Courses 1 day course – Basic familiarisation. 5 day course – To include field

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High Risk Training

Training Courses High Risk Training

High risk situations require precision. Analysis, judgement, careful planning, tactics, controlled measures all come into play. Minerva offer an excellent training course in high risk that will educate, develop and test your skills to deal with almost any high risk

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First Aid Training

Training Courses First Aid

In certain security situations, having first aid training plays an important part and having this training can control potentially fatal injuries and save a life. If you’re seeking opportunities in the security or protection industries which involve dealing with crowds

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Firearms Training

Training Courses Firearms, Weapons, Maritime

Weapons Safe Handling and Competency Course More and more Private Sector Security employers are now requiring employees to be certified in the safe handling of weapons to meet with their insurance provider’s expectations, Minerva NI Ltd have taken the initiative

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Specialist Training

Training Courses Command and Control

Gain valuable training for high demand positions requiring command and control. Courses Command and Control: BRONZE – Team Leader on the Ground / SILVER – Operations Room Commander / GOLD – Policy Author & Operations Overseer / PLATINUM – Prince

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Security Services Surveillance Covert and Overt Photography

Surveillance / Private Investigations / Covert / overt photography Surveillance in the security industry is used for many different reasons. From the detection of crime, to corporate fraud. Domestic surveillance is a growing industry due to the numbers of fraudulent

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Security Personnel

Security Services Personnel

Minerva provide security personnel for all types of events and venues, all personnel are fully trained and licensed. We can provide resident security teams for private homes, offices, yachts, or multi-occupancy buildings. High end discrete security for garden parties, weddings

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Protection & Security Advisers

Protection and Security Advisers to the Media

For Media & Businesses/Corporates Minerva supply highly trained, professional security consultants with medical and firearms qualifications to travel with clients to any region of the world. As well as dealing with the clients security needs we can arrange your travel

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