Where’s My Team?

Do you need Where’s My team?

  • Can you see at a glance where all your staff are and when they last checked in?
  • Are you responsible for the health and safety of lone workers or staff working outside the office?
  • Do you deploy teams of workers on projects, investigations or other operations?
  • Do you use GPS tracking devices?

If you said ‘Yes’

To any of the points addressed, then Where’s my Team? is for you!

Where’s my Team? is a mobile app that can help you manage your team more effectively. It’s a low-cost, team-management solution which uses the latest mobile technologies to keep you in touch with your team at any time and from any location.

Key features

  • Helps to meet your statutory Health and Safety requirements.
  • Displays user locations on a single map page using any internet enabled device, including mobile devices and large screen displays.
  • Shows when and where each user last used a special mobile phone App.
  • No new equipment needed – works with existing smartphones, pads and tablets.
  • No long-term contracts required.
  • Can also display real-time data from GPS trackers.

Two versions are available, one for security use (with call signs etc) and another for deployment – for Aid Agencies and others who deploy staff outside the office.

wheres my team location of team members

View All Screen – position & location of all team members. Green pin shows trackers.

wheres my team user position

User’s current position

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