Specialist Training

Gain valuable training for high demand positions requiring command and control.


Training Courses Command and Control

  • Command and Control: BRONZE – Team Leader on the Ground / SILVER – Operations Room Commander / GOLD – Policy Author & Operations Overseer / PLATINUM – Prince or Local Government.
  • Officer Safety – Includes less than lethal options: unarmed Combat, use of Baton Gun, Taser Stun Gun, CS Gas, Water Canon.
  • Static & mobile tactical vehicle stops – to counter organised crime & counter terrorism.
  • Public order training/crowd control/riot training.
  • Intelligence gathering – and dissemination, analysis, exploitation and reaction.
  • Method of entry.
  • Military special forces training.
  • Air / sky marshal training.
  • Appropriate & applicable handling of suicide bombers.
  • Counter terrorist / organised crime training.
  • Crisis management – and the coordination of resources.
  • Dog handler training.

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