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Facilitation Services

Minerva facilities management can provide a range of facilities services. Contact Andy on the details below. What we can offer CCTV Maintenance, Installation Access Control Property Maintenance Call out services – electrical, plumbing, joinery etc Contact Email: info@minervani.com Tel: +44 (0)7802 618999

Training Courses Vehicle

Vehicle Training

We have a selection of vehicle training including car, 4×4’s and motorcycle as well as various levels including advanced and master courses. Courses 4 x 4 Off Road – Advanced Course. 4 x 4 Off Road – Master Course. Advanced Driver Car Driver Training. HGV Driver Training. Motor Cycle Training & VIP Motorcade Motorcycle Training. …

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Training Courses Security

Close Protection & Security Training

Gain high level skills and qualifications in a range of security criteria including Close Protection. Courses Close Protection Highfield accredited – Close Protection for Royal and diplomatic protection. Pre-read material along with 2 written assignments followed by theory and scenario based practical’s cumulating in a final exercise and multiple choice exam. We also provide a …

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Training Courses High Risk Training

High Risk Training

High risk situations require precision. Analysis, judgement, careful planning, tactics, controlled measures all come into play. Minerva offer an excellent training course in high risk that will educate, develop and test your skills to deal with almost any high risk environment. Courses High risk for hostage rescue. High risk entry – entering buildings, aircraft, ships, …

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Training Courses First Aid

First Aid Training

In certain security situations, having first aid training plays an important part and having this training can control potentially fatal injuries and save a life. If you’re seeking opportunities in the security or protection industries which involve dealing with crowds and / or individuals, first aid training is a must. Being able to make important …

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Training Courses Firearms, Weapons, Maritime

Firearms Training

Weapons Safe Handling and Competency Course More and more Private Sector Security employers are now requiring employees to be certified in the safe handling of weapons to meet with their insurance provider’s expectations, Minerva NI Ltd have taken the initiative and developed both Maritime and Land-based Close Protection Weapon Safe Handling and Competency Courses. All …

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Training Courses Command and Control

Specialist Training

Gain valuable training for high demand positions requiring command and control. Courses Command and Control: BRONZE – Team Leader on the Ground / SILVER – Operations Room Commander / GOLD – Policy Author & Operations Overseer / PLATINUM – Prince or Local Government. Officer Safety – Includes less than lethal options: unarmed Combat, use of …

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