Close Protection & Security Training


Gain high level skills with a range of security qualifications including Close Protection.


  • Close Protection 5 Day Top-Up Traing Course
  • Close Protection Level 3 Highfield accredited
  • Close Protection Level 3 Highfield accredited International Course
  • Close Protection Level 3 Highfield accredited 24-hour Refresher course for those who have already completed a recognised course from the military or police.
  • CCTV (Public Space Surveillance) Level 2 Highfield accredited
  • Door Supervision Level 2 Highfield accredited
  • Security Guarding Level 2 Highfield accredited
  • Conflict Management Level 2 Highfield accredited
  • Deliverers of Conflict Management Level 3 Highfield accredited
  • Physical Intervention Level 2 Highfield accredited
  • Office/Workplace and Residence Security
  • Surveillance
  • Appropriate & applicable use of Covert Technical Equipment.
  • Evidence Gathering.

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