Firearms Training


More and more overseas and maritime Security employers are requiring employees to be certified in the safe handling of weapons to meet with their insurance provider’s expectations, Minerva NI Ltd have developed  “Weapon Safe Handling and Competency Courses” to satisfy both Maritime and Land-based Close Protection.


The courses are ran over 1, 2 or 3 days depending on previous knowledge and experience. All courses include Human Rights and UK Law Legislation, legal requirements to help understand “Use of Force”, weapon safety rules and subsequent practices, safe carriage of weapons, principles of marksmanship, correct use of cover and shooting from cover, use of optics and sights, weapons handling tests, and a final Classification shoot.


All firearms used during training are full bore weapons including Glock SLP, (9mm), M4 (5.56mm), AK47 (7.62×39), SLR (7.62×51), Bolt Action Rifle with optics and Pump Action Shotgun, (12 Gauge).


The course is Pass or Fail for all attendees and the certification lasts for 1 Year. The certificate that is issued will show the exact weapon systems that the student has achieved their Weapon Safe Handling and Competency Certificate in.


All are weapons courses take place within the UK, in Northern Ireland in both indoor and outdoor ranges. The outdoor range gives two covered in firing points which are at 100 metres and 50 metres.


All instruction is given by subject matter experts and the courses are recognised by major Private Sector Security industry employers.


Due to the nature of this training we request that you contact us and we will be

happy to discuss your particular needs.

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