LAMA – Under car Protection

LAMA Under Car Protection

Affortable Vehicle Security

LAMA Under Car ProtectionLAMA is an enhanced vehicle security system designed and developed in Northern Ireland to detect under-vehicle booby-trap explosive devices (sometimes known as ‘sticky bombs’). With over 30 years proven use around the world our systems continue to evolve and feature the latest electronic sensors and microprocessor control technologies.

System Details

A number of LAMA models are available to meet different needs.

  • From a DIY-fitted plug-in system with sensors attached under car mats (ideal for the multi-car family) to a permanently fitted VIP protection system for armoured vehicles. Models can also be custom-built to individual user or vehicle fleet requirements.

All LAMA models are designed for easy, covert installation using small discrete sensors and a range of visual warning systems.

  • From a single flashing LED to flashing LEDs to paging or SMS systems using radio links, GSM or Satellite.

Key Features

  • Operationally proven for over 30 years in all climates.
  • Easy to install & use.
  • Discrete sensors.
  • Reliable microprocessor control.
  • Built-in self-test diagnosis.
  • RFI (Radio Frequency interference) tested.
  • Low current consumption.
  • Models available for all types of vehicles.
  • European Court of Human Rights compliant.

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