Security Services Surveillance Covert and Overt Photography

Surveillance / Private Investigations / Covert / overt photography

Surveillance in the security industry is used for many different reasons. From the detection of crime, to corporate fraud.

Security Services Surveillance Covert and Overt PhotographyDomestic surveillance is a growing industry due to the numbers of fraudulent claims and disputed divorce cases. We can provide evidence that will hold up in court if required to expose the fraudulent claimants saving the client money in settlements which are not genuine.

We can assist in investigative journalism, supplying the necessary photographic evidence to back up a reports.

We deploy many different methods of surveillance, from the eyes on photography to the most modern more elaborate electronic technical methods. Due to the sensitive nature of this equipment we do not disclose it on open forums but will be happy to discuss the options personally with prospective clients.

Counter surveillance techniques can be deployed to safeguard you or your employees from possible kidnapping or extortion.

We are the only company in Northern Ireland that has the ability to deploy our state of the art Quadcopter for video or stills photography to assist in any operation.

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