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About Us

Minerva NI is an established leading private security, training and risk management company located in Belfast, Northern Ireland with partners in Mainland UK and other countries throughout the world. We specialise in courses covering various levels of security training while yet offering customised, tailor made specialist security services and solutions on a global basis.


Minerva NI Ltd is supported by Invest NI and UKTI. It comprises former specialist police officers experienced at both strategic and specialist practitioner level in counter terrorism, protective security and risk management. We offer, at our core, bespoke consultancy and a specialist training function and are currently operating in a number of complex, sensitive and high risk environments where operational success relies on the effective integration of partner agencies, the sharing and use of intelligence, the coordination of specialist assets both covert and overt, and the implementation of risk mitigation measures to achieve successful interdiction and diminution of the terrorist threat.


All consultancy and training draw on our genuine experience and always incorporates best practice as defined by UK guidelines and European Convention on Human Rights.

Why Us

We have significant credibility in the provision of security consultancy for the management of physical, personnel and information security at the highest levels in both public and private sectors. We provide training needs analysis and training for all intelligence related subjects including the development of counter terrorism strategy, command control, interoperability, intelligence gathering, development, analysis, assessment and the management of risks in order to guide and prioritise activities and the efficient use resources. We provide a comprehensive co-ordinated and strategic system that is designed through understanding to produce and offer a 'full capability solution'.


Minerva fully recognises that there is no “one size fits all solution” as the needs of every individual and organisation and the environments in which they reside or operate may differ. Our approach to consultancy and training is designed to fully understand and appreciate all needs to achieve truly successful client outcomes.


Minerva can develop bespoke training, supply mentors and subject matter experts, (SME's) for all circumstances


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